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PKMN [pacman] Architectures

A playground for a new sociality.

Even a small place open for public use can activate great benefits in conflicting areas: the Espacios de Paz in Pinto Salinas (Venezuela), designed by PKMN, is a playground for triggering a new and positive sociality.

Located in a district of the city deeply affected by violence and micro-trafficking, the Espacio de Paz was designed with a participatory approach involving the local community, as it often happens with PKMN. The locals was claiming for a small public square, a space for public meetings and small private chat as well, to replace a former dump area.

An artificial topography was created, its main features being the green metallic structure and the wooden, slightly staggered plans. The space is sufficiently defined as to not become an abandoned place anymore, but it is open enough to allow spontaneous uses.

Despite its brevity, the live-footage video well introduces the project by revealing situations happening in space.


Author: PICO Estudio
Architect: PKMN [pacman] Architectures, Oficina Lúdica
Mentioned project: Espacios De Paz / Las 3 Marías (2014)
Project location: Pinto Salinas, Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela 2014
Duration: 58''