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Enjoying / 影捉影

Yung Ho Chang

A battle immersed in lights and shadows to explore four projects by Yung Ho Chang.

Architecture should remain in the background. This was probably Yung Ho Chang's idea as he was writing the plot for his "Enjoying" video. The story emerges more powerfully than the locations themselves and introduces us to two swordsmen, "bamboo hat" and "cloak", having fight in an atmosphere made of highly-contrasted lights and shadows, the sounds of drums pacing the rhythm for their battle.

The two men keep searching for one another. While they run, deep perspectives and general views of the space come first, then we start appreciating some details, as if we ourselves were following the point of view of the protagonists who would first take an overall look around and then start focusing more precisely on their next step. The story starts at the Anren Museum-Bridge in Sichuan, then moves to the Split House in Beijing, to the Fiber Reinforced Plastic House in Nanjing and lastly to the Zhujiajiao Planning in Shangai. We get back to the Anren Museum for the final battle scene. During the fight, we go through four projects by Yung Ho Chang: two built architectures are filmed in live-footage, while parts of the two, at that time, incomplete buildings are digitally simulated.

The architect and the filmmaker cooperated very closely and released a video which deals with suspense and searching, both qualities borrowed from the realm of motion pictures. Martial arts movies especially inspired the short film. Kurosawa's "Rashomon", King Hu's "Raining in the Mountain" and Xu Haofeng's "The Sword Identity" were quoted by the filmmaker as references. Thanks to this approach, the usual representation of buildings, aimed to highlight their perfection, is replaced with a more critical glimpse which lets the spatial and tactile qualities of architecture emerge.


Director: Wang Ao
Architect: Yung Ho Chang
Mentioned projects: Anren Museum-Bridge (2009-2012), Split House (2000-2002), Fiber Reinforced Plastic House (203-2010), Zhujiajiao Planning (2004-2012)
Project locations: Sichuan, Beijing, Nanjing, Shangai
Producer: Lu Zhenggang
Production Manager: Song Xiaoqiao
Production Director: Chen Chong, Lijia Lu
Executive Producer: Luo Ying
Shooting: Huang Tingxiang
Assistant Shooting: Cao Chunyang, Chen Xinli, Zhou Junlei, Ding Xue,Zhou Ruisong
Lighting: Cao Hongliang
Assistant Lighting: Cao Zhihong, Li Yunliang, Peng Yalin, Liu Bin, Zhou Shucai, Zhong Yubing, Bailiang, Liu Yong, Wang Renming
Actor: Wang Xu, Wu Yihan
Calligraphy: Ren Ping
Poster Design: Du Baoli
Film Editing: Wang Ao
Video Director: Gong Ning
Post Processing: Zhang Tianji
Music: Wang Li, Wang Han
Modelling: Xiong Lijie, Li Xuejing, Guo Min
Rendering: Liu Feng, Tang Chao

China 2012
Duration: 3'45''