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Miguel C. Tavares

Feel comfortable at home and meet with friends.

How often do we bump into architecture videos showing beautiful buildings in which people move around in an apparently natural and habitual manner; but we suddenly understand that those persons are only background actors. In his "Encounters" video, Miguel Tavares goes the opposite direction and shows the House in Pero Pinheiro, designed by Bruno Silvestre, full of real people who are getting together during a domestic party.

The video starts with a quiet evening scene: a live music performance is going on in the house and is such a prelude, that sound guiding the scenes to come. The camera then moves on to the exterior, and we find ourselves in full daylight. We meander around and into the building, we appreciate its volumes and details as well. We hear people living there describing their daily experience of such a space. Architecture can't be missed for sure in this video, that has been conceived to unveiling is so casually. And so, waiting for encounters or while encounters happen, scene after scene, we get a clear idea about the house spatial qualities and how it works.

Other friends gradually arrive, and they all spend time together, calmly. It would be nice to be part of that happy group. People of all ages move around the house, but children are the ones getting most of our attention. Moving freely in that kind of space, they grew up experimenting since their early years the pleasure of the open space. Once adults, as potential clients, they will be probably able to ask the right questions to their architects.


Author: Rui Manuel Vieira
Architect: Bruno Silvestre
Mentioned project: House in Pero Pinheiro (2005-2012)
Project location: Pero Pinheiro, Sintra, Portugal
Live performance: Novembro - "À Deriva"
Special participation: Pedro Maurício Borges and Mariana C. Silvestre

Portugal 2013
Duration: 7'28''