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Eden Bio par Edouard François


Colonizing and renovating a block on the east side of Paris.

The "Eden Bio par Edouard François" video, made by 11h45, showcases a small community slightly separated from the surrounding urban fabric, a city within the city.

With fixed camera angles, time-lapse shots of walking through the streets and programmatic spaces of the "Eden Bio", the viewer can experience the intimate spaces and special moments in a very personal and human way. Conceived by architect Edouard François, the project exhibits the study of the densification of a typical suburban block on the east side of Paris, by means of preserving the surroundings and its history.

The unfinished wood, cinder blocks, mechanical tiles, zinc, and raw concrete of the buildings are combined with the constant presence of nature, which inhabits the recesses of this "village-like" composition, to "colonize" a once abandoned urban space with humans and vegetation alike.


Architect: Maison Edouard François
Mentioned project: Tower Flower (2004)
Project location: Paris, France

France 2011
Duration: 2'25''

Selected for CITY VISIONS (Turin; April - October 2012), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on six dates curated by Image for URBAN CENTER METROPOLITANO.