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ECOS. Oda al silencio


Dance dance dance.

Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, represents one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture, as acknowledged by the UNESCO when included in their 2004 World Heritage list. Here Andres Arochi directs a stunning dance performance that captures the spirit of the iconic colorful house and transforms it into rhythm.

Casa Estudio by Luis Barragan is the only individual property in Latin America to have ever achieved such a distinct honor: Arochi's portray of the dancers, with a coreography signed by Diego Mur Dance, is a perfect example on how the influence of great architectures never cease to have impact on us.

The video is called "Ecos - Oda al silencio" and we hear no music, only a white noise that slowly grows to become a piece of contemporary drone music: the dancers seem to be risen by it and dance at their own rhythm, taking possess of the Casa Estudio, moving in groups, spacing in the courtyard, in the rooms, on the stairs, showing to the viewer the greatness and the diversity of such a space.

The perfomance is stunning, thanks to the audacity of the dancers and to the careful use of colors, clothes and moves. Noticeable is the use of the montage, that brings together, bonding them in an exquisite way, different sections on a same note. The pinks, the nudes, the reds, the hair let loose, the way the furniture and the lines of structures match the light, the contrast between the warmth and the blues of the waters: there's nothing wrong or misplaced in this short video. An hymn to an architect, an hymn to an art, an hymn to what videos can do to buildings.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Luis Barragán
Mentioned project: Casa Luis Barragán (1948)
Project location: Mexico City, Mexico
Director: Andrés Arochi
Production: Gabriel Stavenhagen (Executive Producer) for Cineburó, Elias Kalach (Executive Producer) for Vertebral, Juanelo Hernández (Producer)
Dance Troup: Nohbords (featuring Diego Mur, Mauricio Rico, Maite Arregui Fernandez, Dalia Xiuhcoatl Hernández Ruiz, David Oropeza, Ana Gardo Directed)
Music and Sound Design: Sebastián Lechuga
Editor: Sergio Beltrán
Styling: Alia González
Stills: Miguel Galo
Production Assistant: Raymundo Hernández
Camera Assistant: Marco Antonio Varela
Camera equipment: Simplemente Rental MX

Mexico 2018
Duration: 4'13"