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Costruire Largo Milano


Transforming an undefined and underused space into a piazza.

This is the story of an undefined and underused space converted into a piazza. Many actors have been involved in the transformation: citizens at first (this project is, in fact, dedicated to them), the group of creatives who managed the participatory process, and the architects who designed the place. Images and words are both used in the video to document the positive collective experience.

We are in Cinisello Balsamo, a city part of the hinterland of Milan, in northern Italy. The overall process was guided by HubOut, a creative lab developing cultural projects aimed at involving communities and cities. Five architects were invited to stay on the place for days, get suggestions from citizens and plan proposals to transform a former parking area into a public space. Citizens were called to vote for their favorite project.

Orizzontale's proposal was selected. The group, based in Rome, works with concrete approaches to design. Sustainability, low cost solutions and making are leading features in their practice. In order to transform Largo Milano into a piazza, they conceived a shelter and two multifunctional slabs to host meetings and activities. Wood was the base material for the project and the overall structures were produced in a workshop, involving architecture students and citizens by using recycled materials. A vacant space has been transformed into an open laboratory for the community.


Author: Giacomo Costa
Architect: orizzontale
Mentioned project: ZAC - Costruire Largo Milano (2013-2014)
Project location: Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy

Italy 2014
Duration: 9'53''