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Cosecha de Luz

Izaskun Chinchilla

A masterpiece of contemporary architecture under a new light.

Open your mind to imagination. And follow Peter Eisenman's words and, afterwards, Izaskun Chichilla's ideas about how the Cultural Center in Santiago appears during the night. The video "Cosecha de Luz" is conceived as an accumulation of drawings and words to playfully introduce Izaskun Chichilla's proposal for temporary illumination of the building to enhance its visibility during the Año Xacobeo 2010. A mastepiece of contemporary architecture is dressed up with a new light-image.

Eisenman's voiceover exposes the main concepts of his project while night-view sketches appear in the background presenting, in the abstract, many faraway viewpoints. The one with Eisenman is a kind of strange connection, all along the video; and it only makes sense if mediated by a phone. Viewers are aware of this trick which is declared at the beginning of the video.

At a certain point colors are introduced and here Izaskun Chichilla's proposal starts to be explicit. The project "Cosecha de Luz" is a changeable and flexible light managing tool to attract visitors. Visual effects are projected on the surface of the building and shapes are inspired by surrounding natural elements: vegetation, sea waves, rain or wind appear in the night on the Cultural Center’s artificial landscape. By combining different techniques and styles - such as animation, drawings, stop motion, collages -, the video narration aims at stimulating the viewers' imagination and unveilis relationships between landscape, architecture and light.


Author: Pedro Pitarch

Architect: Izaskun Chinchilla
Mentioned project: Cosecha de Luz, proposal for the temporary illumination of Peter Eisenman’s City of Culture of Galicia (2009)
Project location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Production: Izaskun Chinchilla
Collaborating architects: Ismael García Abad, Carlos Jimenez Cenamor, Almudena Piñeiro, Isabel Gutierrez
Technical support: Maurici Ginés, Artec3

Spain 2009
Duration: 6'04''