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Factory Fifteen

An immersive experience in a transient architecture.

Cocoon is a 60° x 220° spherical, immersive video installation designed by Factory Fifteen and exhibited at the SAT Immersion Experience Symposium in Montreal in May 2015. The short film is meant to reproduce the overall effect of the stage.

The video installation was developed "in an organic and playful project", as the authors say, by combining different images, some of them abstract others figurative and evoking urban scenarios. All images, though varying in their style, are conceptually relates as they all convey the continuos sensation of transient structures decaying and changing configuration, the soundtrack reinforcing this feeling. At times, fragments seem to be exposed to forces that stash them or rearrange them into polarities.

The 220° degree spherical dome, instead of the usual 180°, yields a much more accurate and engaging immersive environment. Factory Fifteen designs effective scenarios, always experimenting with new techniques and devices. As Paul Nicholls, co-founder of Factory Fifteen, says in an interview released to the Creators Project, the group has the "ambitions to create a fully realized narrative dome film".


Sound design: Factory Fifteen

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 2'05''