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Chupan Chupai

Factory Fifteen

A surprising city within the city.

While playing hide-and-seek in the old city, children access a surprising reality concealed behind the scenes of everyday streets.

In a near future heavily influenced by the boom of the Indian subcontinent, digital devices expand the old and traditional city, and reveal unexpected and apparently magic possibilities. While children run along the streets of the old and bustling city they well know, they open smart gateways and modify reality. One of those doors brings them to a cavernous network of hidden and forgotten spaces. Here the border between what is fully natural and what has a kind of mechanical soul is blurred. The two children finally get back to the city, facing the view of its superimposed structures.

This short film, conceived by Factory Fifteen and produced by Liam Young, speculates on how technology can enrich our interaction with the city, in a subtle way, starting with a surprising new understanding of its surfaces. The video work was developed for the "Future Perfect" exhibition at the 2013 Architecture Triennale in Lisbon, Portugal and then presented by DAZED as part of its Visionaries series.


Producer: Liam Young
Indian Producer: Tushar Prakash
Story: Tim Maly
Camera: Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls, Liam Young, Tushar Prakas
Fixer: Harry Singh
Composer: Mark Sayfritz
Foley: Ana Roman
Cast: Noshine Banu (Maya), Shahine Banu (Aya), Mustaraf Khan (Amit), Rafique Mohammad (Guardian)
Post-production: Factory Fifteen
VFX, 3D Artists, Compositing: Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls, Arkin Esref, Alexey Marfin, Matt Townsend, Chris Glew
Traking: Tom Carter, Kibwe Tavares
Interns: Mond Qu, Alessandro Mimiola

United Kingdom 2013
Duration: 8'18''