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Mauricio Freyre

More than just a model for Edgardo Minond to introduce the entry project for the CCA in Buenos Aires.

In this multifaceted video, Mauricio Freyre invites the viewer to the working table of the architect, and allows them to virtually witness the genesis of architect Edgardo Minond's competition proposal for the "Parque y Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones de Buenos Aires" (Argentina) from the very moment of its conception.

In a layered combination of representation techniques, the grafting of the architect's urban design within the rest of the city is explored as if the camera was flipping through the pages of a book. Hand-made drawings pop up, sketches change and move on transparent paper overlapped with aerial photographs and blurred live-footages of the existing urban context. The "CCA" video eventually enters the scale digital model, disclosing the future urban spaces and architectures of the designed program.


Architect: Edgardo Minond
Mentioned project: Park, Expo and Convention Center in Buenos Aires (2013)
Project location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spain 2013
Duration: 3'04''