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Federico Cairoli

A self-built structure to chill out with friends.

A project weakly compelled to perform predefined functions is open to spontaneous uses, becoming a platform for well-established habits or suggesting new positive networking models. Federico Cairoli puts under the spotlight a community and its interaction with a new, self-built common space, Catenarius: an experimental catenary arch conceived by architect Ramiro Meyer as a multi-purpose shared architecture and a revolutionary building model for the rural population of Lambaré in Paraguay.

The documentary "Catenarius" lingers on the multiple positive scenarios this type of sustainable design might enable in the everyday life of disadvantaged communities. The simple and yet useful structure of this brick dome is made of local materials (brick and concrete) and designed to be easily built by its own users.


Architect: Ramiro Meyer
Mentioned project: Catenarius
Project location: Lambaré, Paraguay

Paraguay 2014
Duration: 2'59''