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Casa Corten / Corten House

JAG Studio

Simplicity and intimacy for a private house in Cuenca.

A comfortable house guarantees intimacy. Casa Corten is conceived to respond to an absolute simplicity in terms of space and functions, and to guarantee to its inhabitants the feeling of being secluded and withdrawn from public life.

The program for the building is basic. Technical services are located in the basement, living spaces occupy the ground floor and three bedrooms are placed on the first floor. The architects designed the house as a superimposition of two main boxes, the lower built in concrete, the upper cladded in corten. The designers carefully worked on the possibility for its inhabitants to enjoy rooms flooded with natural light while at the same time benefitting from a high degree of intimacy. Two main details make this possible: the concrete shield in the basement and the perforated corten panels in front of the windows on the upper level.

The short film by JAG studio focuses on the main features of the house. After an overview that allows the observer to appreciate the composition of the two main volumes, images of the interior spaces follow revealing some details accurately designed by the architects. At the end, the exterior is again on stage and the protagonist girl, who before approached the house and guided the camera to discover interiors, now moves away from the building.


Architects: Andrés Argudo, Xavier Carrillo
Mentioned project: Casa Corten
Project location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Ecuador 2016
Duration: 1'57''