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OSS - Office for Strategic Spaces

Converting the urban sprawl and highways of Canberra into a diversified, denser and integrated system.

This video by Angel Borrego Cubero retraces the history of the urban scheme of Canberra, to explain the project conceived by the Office for Strategic Spaces architects for the future of the city and to introduce the main idea of getting back to the original scheme of the Australian capital.

The architects' proposal for the competition "Capithetical" (2012) consisted of converting the urban sprawl into a diversified, denser and integrated system of public transport nodes and urban streets in place of the unnecessary and over scaled highways built in the post-war period, in order to let the city grow from the inside.

After a sequence of historical maps and modern aerial photographs, in the "CAPIThetical" video , which was part of the competition entry, a playful stop motion, played out on a scale model, shows the changes of the urban scheme over the years, from 1920 to the designed future scenarios.


Architect: OSS - Office for Strategic Spaces
Mentioned project: CAPIThetical (2013)
Project location: Canberra, Australia

Spain 2013
Duration: 4'18''