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Cancha Tiro y Lado. A place for play

Germán Valenzuela

Want to belong to a place? Start from contributing to its revitalization.

This short film is the story of the regeneration of a small private school. The building was at first destroyed from an arson attack and then affected by micro-trafficking until when a group of architecture students from Talca University committed to its revitalization.

The intervention consisted in slight yet well visible modifications to permit the community to use the space again. After removing debris, a red paint was used to define a new playground where traces of previous structures remain visible: the past life of the building is still perceived in its present one.

Citizens were involved in the requalification and their contribution in transforming the area was the first step in enhancing their sense of belonging. The place then became a social space for the community.


Mentioned project: student workshop for the revitalization of an abandoned school
Project location: Talca, Chile
Tutor: German Valenzuela

Chile 2012
Duration: 4'16''