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Cacamatzin 34

Moritz Bernoully

A glimpse on daily life in an housing block designed by Dea Architects in Mexico City.

Dea Architects completed a 40 apartment housing block in Mexico City and Moritz Bernoully, photographer and filmmaker who often collaborates with the architects to document their work, filmed the completed project. As a result, a short video-portrait introduces the building through fragments, some related to the architecture itself, others disclosing life excerpts of its inhabitants.

The block as a whole has its now specific identity, its white homogenous surface punctuated with wide windows and filter panels, yet the playful variation of formats and positions of the facade elements helps users in the process of orientation and appropriation. A courtyard with greenery, a pleasant place to stay and chat, is the heart of the building. Interiors are bright, comfortable and full of furnishings and knick-knack reflecting the inhabitants' personal attitudes.

The camera slowly meanders into outdoor and indoor spaces and records moments all along one day. The short film resumes and gives back a quick overview of usual life going on around and inside the building.


Architect: Dea Architects
Mentioned project: Cacamatzin 34
Project location: Mexico City, Mexico
Music: Moritz Bernoully

Mexico 2015
Duration: 5'52''