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Building Study: 20 Fenchurch Street

Will Scott

Study of an iconic landmark.

Will Scott explores Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly's 20 Fenchurch Street, a commercial skyscraper in the historic centre of London financial district.

Shot on Canon c100, the short film is the first of a series of "building studies" and mainly investigates the relationship between the newly built architecture and the urban fabric where it's located. Scott's expertise as a photographer is recognizable in the accurate choice of multiple perspectives, that allow the viewers to experience the building, its curved façade and steel framing and its relationship with the overall urban context at different scales.

Also known as the "Walkie-Talkie" due to its unusual and iconic shape, the tower was conceived to be both a new landmark structure in London skyline and a sustainable design model, with its energy strategy of fuel cell technology and photovoltaic panel installation.


Architect: Rafael Viñoly
Mentioned project: 20 Fenchurch Street (2004-2014)
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 2'02''