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Bjarke Ingels. Worldcraft

Kaspar Astrup Schroeder

Shaping evolution of architecture by means of a spectacular graphic novel.

After the "My Playground" documentary, Kaspar Astrup Schröder and Bjarke Ingels worked together again, this time to produce a short video for introducing the participation of Ingels in the 2014 edition of the "Future of Storytelling" summit. We get a brief and quick resume of Ingel's idea about which is the role of the architect in reinforcing those ideas which shape our ever changing world.

We may or may not agree with Ingels' thoughts, but anyway we recognize this video is a smart way to shift common thinking about architecture towards less conventional ideas. Ingels' s focused talk, while he rapidly makes words visible in the abstraction of his sketches, reminds us that a bit of wishful thinking is fundamental to push research ahead, to not remain stuck to a priori knowledge, to let the mind imagine the new.

The architect is a protagonist here. He strongly focuses on his own works, he demonstrates how sketches are important as cognitive tools, he speaks about the malleabilty of ideas and the potential of "turning pure fiction into hard fact". And all these issues coexist effectively thanks to a convincing script by the filmmaker.


The Netherlands 2014
Duration: 6'08''