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Berlin Central Station / Hauptbahnhof Berlin

gmp Architekten

A tour into the daily life of the high efficient hub at Berlin Central Station.

The camera approaches the Berlin Central Station from the distance almost as a target inside a videogame. Then, as it reaches the station, it focuses on people using the hub, many of them passing there almost every day. People are the protagonists, and by following their movements the filmmakers show how the building is conceived.

Berlin's new Central Station is a high efficient hub. It's the Europe's largest train station for long-distance, regional, and local transport. The station was built on a historical site in the Tiergarten District, west of Humboldthafen. The key design principle is the clear emphasis of the existing railway tracks by straddling two masses and an atrium space above. Large, tubular spaces constructed of lightweight glass roofs and walls accommodate train arrival and departure areas. In the central area of the station cross, which rests on a building base, the ceilings of all levels are equipped with large openings, allowing daylight to penetrate as far as the underground platform levels and allow travelers and passers-by to perceive the city outside. Besides urban and railway transports, the building also host other facilities or functions as shops, gastronomy, offices, or technical spaces.

There is much activity that takes place with the station every day, and the camera can record only some of it. And while the activity is very real, the filmmakers change the speed of the film at times to emphasize the hectic nature of the interior atmosphere.


Architect: gmp Architekten
Mentioned project: Berlin Central Station (1993-2006)
Project location: Berlin, Germany
Concept, direction, direction of production: Hans Georg Esch, Oliver Schwabe (HG Esch Photography)
Postproduction Management: Christian Becker
Music: Peter Simon
Steadycam Operator: Benjamin Treplin
Camera Assistant: Nikolas Jürgens, Thomas imkamp, David Matl
Colorist: Martin Becker
Compositing: Thomas Gieraths (CinePostproduktion GmbH Geyer Köln)

Germany 2011
Duration: 4'38''