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Aulario UDP. Diego Portales University

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Communal life in a building conceived for education.

Pablo Casals-Aguirre explores a typical day within the classrooms building of the Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile) to introduce the project by A+R alvano & riquelme, and its relationship with the users and the rest of the city.

The camera enters the everyday routines of students and teachers, while continuous live-footage alternates between multiple perspectives. From significant close-ups on the details of the architecture, to views of the structure from inside and out, people's activities remain a blurred background, the shared spaces are the living protagonist of this Aguirre's short film.


Architect: A+R Alvano & Riquelme
Mentioned project: Aulario UDP, Diego Portales University
Project location: Santiago, Chile
Collaborating architects: Clemente Guarda, Cornelio Saavedra
Lightning Design: diip Studio
Video editing: Eduardo Gana Otarola
Music: Silent Partner

Chile 2014
Duration: 2'23''