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Auditorio Vegas Altas

Bollería Industrial

Starting from details to depict the Vegas Altas auditorium in Spain.

Even a quick glimpse to details can be effective to represent the main characteristics of a building. In filming the exhibition and conference centre "Vegas Altas", Bollería Industrial chosed an unusual perspective, focusing on details and maintaining a low point of view: quite various and free forms, distinct colors, few selected recurring materials are the main qualities of the edifice.

The project, winning entry in the architectural competition, was developed starting from a consideration related to its location: the area, in fact, stands at the edge of the city and it is urban and peripheral at the same time. This dualism was translated into the project by conceiving two main parts for the building: the one hosting the two auditoriums is buried and destined to remain unseen, just engraving the landscape surface with skylights; the other is an emerging cube, accommodating a restaurant, offices and scenic tower, and is defined in its surface by a particular system made with cordage which produces peculiar light conditions during the day. The architects aimed to realize a sort of nest for cultural life in the city.


Architect: Luis Pancorbo, José de Villar, Carlos Chacón, Inés Martín Robles
Mentioned project: Exhibition and conference centre Vegas Altas (2008-2014)
Project location: Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain
Music: Daddy Scrabble, "Flying Pea"

Spain 2015
Duration: 1'04''