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Attraversamenti: il parco tondo di Firenze


Images flow and a system of new public areas in Florence is revealed.

The railway line connecting Rome and Milan runs not so far away from the old city center of Florence. This short clip envisions possible uses for the areas next to the railway line which, in the city, have been often the subject of urban planning debates.

Images flow, sometimes explained by textual mission statements, and a new system of public spaces is revealed. Seven different areas, each one having its main function, are involved in the project and are connected in a unique, circular line which starts nearby the rails, extending to gather other places, even distant from the tracks, for completing its form.

More than showing the project by means of drawings, the clip refers to visual communications strategies. Live footage - both representing specific places interested by the plan or showing people acting in an unidentified space as well - is moulded in various formats and accompanied with texts or iconic images to show functions and uses of the new public areas.

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Authors: Ernesto Bartolini, Giuseppe Bartolini, Andrea Boschetti, Simonetta Fiamminghi, Marcello Fodale, Alberto Francini, Soik Jung, Arianna Pieri
Architect: Metrogramma
Mentioned project: Parco Tondo (2002)
Project location: Florence, Italy

Italy 2002
Duration: 8'12''