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Arauco Cultural Centre

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Wake up Anays! one day at the Arauco Cultural Centre

It's a new day in Arauco, Chile: a mother wakes up her daughter and urges her to get prepared for school, as the bus that will take her downtown is approaching. Anays, the daughter, finally climbs down the stairs, grabs her backpack and her breakfast and gets on the bus. Every day is all alike when you are a student, but every school has its own way to welcome you.

The Arauco Cultural Centre is located in Arauco, Chile and was designed by Elton Leniz Architects in 2017: in this video, by Pablo Casals-Aguirre, we follow Anays, a young girl, during one day at school. Built after the 2010 earthquake, the Arauco Cultural Centre is the result of a public-private partnership, an initiative of the Arauco company, the local municipality and the La Fuente Foundation, coordinator of the project, and hosts a Theatre, a cafeteria, an exhibition hall, a library and a school.
A multipurposes and flexible space that everyday is crossed by children, scholars, workers - filled with light and composed by several courtyards, the building is protected by the street and is able to offer a safe and happy place both to the students and to its users. Even if the movie focuses on the school facilities and only suggest the after dark activities of the centre, we feel that this spaces is able to satisfy different needs and welcome different experiences, coexisting at the same time.

By using drones technology, Pablo Casals-Aguirre, a regular contributor to our platform, escorts Anays from her house to her school: we see the surroundings of Arauco, the monotony of a certain kind of constructions, the intersections of roads, the woods and the parks near town, until we arrive at the cultural centre.
Casals-Aguirre proves his talent by showing us the space without simply giving us a tour, instead we actually join the students in their routine, which is funny and moving at the same time: they play in the courtyard, they read in the library, they run down the stairs. A particular attention should be made to the palette of colours used in this short film by Pablo Casals-Aguirre: dark, rich tones that perfectly capture both the materials used for the building (wood, concrete, glass) and the winter season in Arauco.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Elton Leniz Arquitectos Asociados
Mentioned project: Arauco Cultural Centre(2012-2016)
Project location: Arauco, Chile
Production: Arauco Cultural Center

Chile 2017
Duration: 4'23"