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Antti T Seppänen

Reflecting in the water. A walk through the new amphitheater.

The film "Amphithéâtre" by Antti T Seppänen is a journey through the construction and first public use of a new space for performances in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Architect Paul Laurendeau is featured in the video and accompanies the viewer in a unique visit of the building.

In 2010 a competition was launched, that would help revitalize the city's depressed economy while at the same time support its cultural offerings. The objective of this project was to give the city of Trois-Rivières a new large outdoor amphitheater, which also would be part of a major requalification program for a site on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. In 2011, Paul Laurendeau won the architecture competition.

Monumental in scale but light, open and hospitable at the same time, the new amphitheater occupies a strategic area in the city. It faces, with its impressive tapered dark red roof, the St. Quentin Island, at the confluence between the St. Maurice and the St. Lawrence rivers. Large enough to accommodate 9,000 people, besides becoming the city's new landmark with its iconic roof hovering above the horizon, it is a venue and a major attraction for the region.

The film discloses some moments of the building's realization. The architect visits the amphitheater and tells the story of its early life: he reveals his references for the overall design, recaps technical difficulties and then introduces his solutions, dialogues with specialized technicians who collaborated in the construction.


Mentioned project: Amphithéâtre (2010-2015)
Project location: Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
Camera: Boris Morin-Defoy
Drone camera: Francis Aubin, Perrin Video
With: Paul Lauredneau, Guy Simard, Serge Vézina, Steeve Laliberté, Steve Dubé, Thi Tram Vo, Jacques Lacombe
Photo: Marc Gibert, Adrien Williams, Paul Laurendeau
Music: Madi, Curtis Allen Hager, Adre Gaskins

Finlnand 2016
Duration: 47'27''