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AFKS Architects: Viikinmäki Quarter House

Antti T Seppänen

A primary school and daycare center in Helsinki

The Viikinmäki Quarter House is a primary school and daycare center in Helsinki designed by AFKS. Antti T Seppänen films the space and daily life in it.

The building is part of a new urban development whose masterplan was conceived by Harris-Kjisik Architects and occupies a portion of a stoney and steep hill. The main façade of the school and daycare center, made of white brick, overlooks the main road serving the neighborhood. The back façade is mostly made of wood and only partly defined by brick. The building has an efficient compact shape. The spaces vary in height and the half-storey terraces make the interiors rich and varied with interesting views. A huge garden, arranged as a playground, completes the project. The building also provides space for the residents' activities.


Architect: AFKS
Mentioned project: Viikinmäki Quarter House (2015)
Project location: Lempäälä, Finland

Finland 2015
Duration: 4'31''