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Abrantes Municipal Market

Building Pictures

The new Municipal Market in Abrantes by ARX Portugal.

This short tour filmed by Building Pictures across the new municipal market in Abrantes designed by ARX Portugal discloses the value of a building conceived for improving urban public life.

The area is peculiar as it stands on a steep slope with varying levels on the two opposite sides. The project takes advantage of this condition and while a linear public stair runs along the long-side, the large remaining volume is occupied by the three-story market with floors connected by a spiral staircase. The exterior of the building appears as a superimposition of volumes well defined by the homogeneous treatment with white plaster on the concrete. On the interior, white is still the prevalent color for the built structures but also the steel tie-beams are left in view.

The short film records and shows spatial qualities of the building and its usability documenting, as the filmmaker says, "the contrast between the white walls and the living colors of the flowers and fruits the shops are selling".


Architect: ARX Portugal
Mentioned project: Abrantes Market
Project location: Abrantes, Portugal
Music: Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Six

Portugal 2016
Duration: 48''