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5 MINUTES STOPPAGE TIME. A chance to rethink urban growth


An unusual and dramatic picture of Italian territory.

Through iconic and sometimes ironic references put together in this video (graphic, musical and cinematographic), 2A+P/A and TSPOON transform a list of detached data and information in an occasion to reflect on the delicate process of the urban development in Italy.

The video has been released to be part of the "Re-Made in Italy" section of the Italian Pavilion within the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture, as a research study on the subject of urban soil consumption and possible containment strategies. By means of reworking and analyzing the results of the study and visualizing them in infographics, drawings and images, “5 minuti di recupero” (in football: "five minutes stoppage time", but the word "recupero" also means "recovery, recycle" in Italian) introduces the audience to some realistic solutions that reveal an accurate and profound awareness of the actual Italian situation. The title of the video, taken from the sport lexicon, is chosen to stress a kind of urgency to resolve the debate between development and soil consumption.


Author: Angelo Grasso
Author: TSPOON (Nina Artioli, Alessandra Glorialanza, Eliana Saracino)
Animation and editing: Claudio Esposito
Supervisors: Stefano Salata, Edoardo Zanchini
Research: Gabriele Acciai, Chiara Bastianoni, Camilla Bernstein, Giulia Gabellini, Consuelo Nuñez Ciuffa, Francesco Pizzorusso, Roberto Serra
Sound design: Procreate Lab

Italy 2012
Duration: 8'09''

Premiered within the Italian Pavillon at the 13rd Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice; August - November 2012).
Selected for A FLORENCE THAT WILL BE (Florence; February - June 2013), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on five dates curated by Image for Ordine degli Architetti di Firenze.