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2016 SS Prada Real Fantasies


An artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide.

Produced by OMA AMO and April to introduce the PRADA collection, the "2016 Spring Summer Real Fantasies" short film is a transposition into moving images of some design concepts which inspired the Infdefinite Hangar, the catwalks designed by the architectural office for the fashion show.

In a background mostly defined by abstracted geometries and iridescent light, characters perform daily actions in public space. The backstage is always changing, manipulated in terms of perspective and proportions and alternating levels of views and transparencies. Horizon and scale constantly shift disrupting the linear sequence, so the perception of a continuous space is revealed. As the authors say, the results is "an artificial landscape where fiction and collection collide".


Art Direction: AMO (Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Giacomo Ardesio, Giulio Margheri)
Camera and Support by: Atlantis Film
Director: Matteo Frittelli
Executive Producer: Alessandro Farinella
Editing: Andrea Favia
Assistant Editor: Maria Giovanna Monaco
Visual Effects: Giulia Regalini
Music: 3o

The Netherlands 2016
Duration: 2'41''