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1 minute series ronchamp

Fernando Schapochnik

Go and try to experience an architectural masterpiece in a few seconds.

The emotional and perceptive aspects of an architectural masterpiece are delicately explored in this short film by Fernando Schapochnik about Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Ronchamp, one of the most important religious buildings of the 20th Century.

More than any drawing, photo or text about the chapel could ever do, the video "Ronchamp" narrates the relationship between the architecture and its visitors through an immediate, direct observation in black-and-white of the collective experience that is generated by the forms, the textures, the perfect use of light and proportions and by each element of the design. Schapochnik also aims to underline a deep connection with the surrounding context, an adjoining village that seems frozen in time just like Le Corbusier's building. As the videomaker says, in addition to their peculiar spatial characteristics, the magic of some places lies in "the situation, the past, and the adventure of reaching this spot".

The short film is part of the "One Minute Series", a set of four videos filmed by Fernando Schapochnik between June and July 2014 in different places around Europe. In Schapochnik's series four iconic buildings are narrated in a spontaneous, almost familiar manner and experienced through the sensory interaction between the viewers and the architectural spaces. Instead of sophisticated techniques or rational interpretations, the author uses only a cellphone and focuses on the powerful impact on the senses that an intimate journey through Le Corbusier's Ronchamp, Antoni Gaudí's Park Guell, SANAA's Rolex Learning Center and OMA's Kunsthal can have on visitors.


Architect: Le Corbusier
Mentioned project: Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut (1950-1955)
Project location: Ronchamp, France

Argentina 2014
Duration: 1'