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1 minute series rolex learning center

Fernando Schapochnik

Get in a building with a thousand questions and go out with a thousand certainties.

Fernando Schapochnik silently films the almost symbiotic relationship between the students and the multi-purposes spaces of the Rolex Learning Centre, campus hub and library for the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), designed by the winners of 2010 Pritzker Prize, Japanese-duo SANAA.

Schapochnik's short documentary narrates how the Tokyo-based design firm perfectly interprets the importance of public space by means of putting the users at the center of the whole planning process. The main library - one of the largest scientific collections in Europe -, four large study areas, an up-to-date multimedia library provided with advanced lending machines and systems for bibliographic search, teaching areas, everything seems conceived and built around a typical day in a student's, a teacher's and a researcher's life.

The short film is part of the "One Minute Series", a set of four videos filmed by Fernando Schapochnik between June and July 2014 in different places around Europe. In Schapochnik's series four iconic buildings are narrated in a spontaneous, almost familiar manner and experienced through the sensory interaction between the viewers and the architectural spaces. Instead of sophisticated techniques or rational interpretations, the author uses only a cellphone and focuses on the powerful impact on the senses that an intimate journey through Le Corbusier's Ronchamp, Antoni Gaudí's Park Guell, SANAA's Rolex Learning Center and OMA's Kunsthal can have on visitors.


Architect: SANAA
Mentioned project: Rolex Learning Center (2004–2010)
Project location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Original soundtrack: Mariano Llere, Francisco Nicosia

Argentina 2014
Duration: 1'