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1 minute series kunsthal

Fernando Schapochnik

The Kunsthal in Rotterdam, portrayed in 12 random shots.

In this short documentary Schapochnik explores the essence of a flexible, multipurpose space that at the beginning of the 1990s challenged the traditional image of galleries' architecture. The Kunsthal - an art museum designed by Rem Koolhaas and his firm OMA in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and destined to a multitude of temporary exhibitions and cultural activities - is here narrated in its fluid system of multiple spatial conditions, intersections and juxtapositions, with its several galleries, halls and paths of entrance and exit.

A bunch of the numerous possible spatial and rhythmic variables of this contemporary architectural masterpiece are explored in twelve random shots, put together in an intentionally fragmented narration. A series of separated "tableaux vivants" that frame different parts of the architectural space and are conceived to be finally re-united in the eye and mind of the viewers and perceived as a whole.

Schapochnik's work also highlights the complex relationship existing between OMA's museum and the surrounding urban area, its condition of ideal bridge between a busy expressway and the network of museums and green spaces of Rotterdam's Museumpark.

The short film is part of the "One Minute Series", a set of four videos filmed by Fernando Schapochnik between June and July 2014 in different places around Europe. In Schapochnik's series four iconic buildings are narrated in a spontaneous, almost familiar manner and experienced through the sensory interaction between the viewers and the architectural spaces. Instead of sophisticated techniques or rational interpretations, the author uses only a cellphone and focuses on the powerful impact on the senses that an intimate journey through Le Corbusier's Ronchamp, Antoni Gaudí's Park Guell, SANAA's Rolex Learning Center and OMA's Kunsthal can have on visitors.


Architect: OMA
Mentioned project: Kunsthal (1992)
Project location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Argentina 2014
Duration: 1'