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Vandkunsten Architects
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Vandkunsten Architects is a Danish architecture studio that was established around 1970, when four young architects won a large competition about the future of housing that was part of establishing the Danish tradition of designing high- density, low-rise housing. Today an office with 70 employees, Vandkunsten Architects is still recognized for the architectural pursuit of social qualities. Well-defined spatial thresholds between scales and between private and public areas are characteristic of the office’s design on all scales of their work. Vandkunsten Architects has worked with sustainability before it became a part of everyone’s agenda. As Passive House standard more or less has become the Danish building norm, new frontiers are strived for that will impact renovation as well as new builds.
Rebeauty is the headline for 1:1 prototyping and cross-disciplinary approaches to the new aesthetics of reused materials designed for the Circular Economy, and the research department at the office is currently developing digital tools for Life Cycle Costing (LCC).

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Published on Nov 06, 2018