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Rural Urban Framework
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Joshua Bolchover and John Lin set up Rural Urban Framework (RUF) as a design and research lab at the University of Hong Kong. Over the past 10 years RUF has focused on sites impacted by the dynamics between urban and rural transformation. Currently RUF has been working in two very contradictory contexts: the impact of urbanisation in rural China, and the impact of rural nomads settling in the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The projects include schools, community centers, hospitals, village houses, bridges, and incremental planning strategies. As a result of this active engagement, RUF has been able to research the links between social, economic, political processes and the physical transformation of each village. The projects integrate local and traditional construction practices with contemporary technologies. RUF has received numerous international awards including The 2016 RIBA International Award for Emerging Architect, and The Curry Stone Design Prize 2015. Publications include Designing the Rural: A Global Countryside in Flux (Architectural Design 2016), Rural Urban Framework: Transforming the Chinese Countryside (Birkhauser 2013) and Homecoming: Materializing, Contextualizing and Practicing the Rural in China (Gestalten 2013). Recent exhibitions include Settling the Nomads at the Venice Biennale 2016, and Fear and Love at The Design Museum London 2016. Joshua Bolchover and John Lin are currently Associate Professors at the University of Hong Kong and have taught and lectured in numerous academic institutions including Columbia University, The Berlage Institute, Pratt Institute, EPFL, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Cambridge University and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

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Redefining the Rural
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Redefining the Rural

Published on Nov 23, 2018