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PLOT was founded in Copenhagen in January 2001 by architects Julien De Smedt and Bjarke Ingels. PLOT has completed a sailing and youth club-house of 2400 sqm, a bathing facility of 2000 sqm in Copenhagen's city harbor and a 25000 sqm of housing in Orestad. PLOT undertook the design of various programs, such as housing, a swimming-pool complex, a roof top public square, a psychiatric hospital, a large office complex, a whitewater rafting canal, a 1000 room hotel in Sweden, an airport refurbishment and numerous planning projects including 4 waterfronts urban schemes, all of which total approximately to 2 million+ sqm of design work. In "Superharbour" PLOT uses the video to explain their project of a gigantic superharbour that not only would radically change the position of Denmark in the world economy, but would also change the internal organization of this Baltic country. In 2006 Ingels and De Smedt decided to close down PLOT after 5 years of collaboration. After their separation, the two partners established their own practices: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and JDS (Julian De Smedt Architects) which are today among the main representatives of contemporary Danish architecture.

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