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Pilar Ortiz
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Pilar Ortiz is a media artist with a background education in architecture and urban studies. Her work explores urban space as a terrain for cultural expression and social interaction, focusing on race, class, and gender in the exchanges that take place in public life. Ortiz is fascinated by the stories that depict the qualities of a specific urban environment. Different ways of expression are essential to transfer, in video, the multifaceted reality she observes. Hence Ortiz has explored many formats and narratives, by producing documentaries, experimental videos, site-specific installations and so on. Her work accompanies the viewer to observe the urban reality and to reflect about how strong, and complicated, the relationships between the cityscape and the social and political conditions are.

Clips by Pilar Ortiz

Strips including clips by Pilar Ortiz

watching time go by my bedroom window
05:16 min

watching time go by my bedroom window

Published on Nov 21, 2014
Words, Images and Spaces. A Language for a New City?
04:40 min