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MUOTO Architectes
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Gilles Delalex, Yves Moreau and Thomas Wessel-Cessieuw founded Muoto, that in Finnisch means "Form", in 2003 in Paris after winning the Europan 7. The group mainly uses video to do research about infrastructures and their relationship with the landscape. The results are different as we can see comparing "Statiorama", an objective catalogue of gas stations from eleven countries, with "Concerto for Infrastructure", an interpretation both visual and acoustic of the landscape of the Saxony-Anhalt region in Germany. The work by Muoto has been exhibited in biennals in Graz, Copenhagen, and Rotterdam, and in several international festivals related to urban design, architecture and the digital arts.

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Concerto for Infrastructures
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Concerto for Infrastructures

Published on Nov 06, 2014