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Max Colson
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In his artistic practice, Max Colson explores the intersection between architecture, landscape and how they are seen through the lenses of photography, laser scanning and architectural animation. He makes photographs, digital images and short films about these concerns.

In his recent short films, Colson used experimental digital architectural animation techniques to dramatise how specific locations and architectures can become vessels for conflicting points of view about identity, local community values and those of society at large. The scripts for these films have been developed from extensive research into online internet comments and interviews. Using digital 3D animation, Colson re-enacts and dramatises the fault lines raised in these online debates considering their relationship to real and imaginary constructions.

Colson's films have been selected to screen at internationally recognised film festivals including Sheffield Doc Fest (2018), DOK Leipzig (2018), Hamburg International Short Film Festival (2018), and the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2017+2018). He also had a solo exhibitions at the Royal Institute of British Architects (2015) and Arebyte (2017) and been shown in groups shows in Europe. Colson has been a recipient of the Tenderflix/Tenderpixel Artist Video Award (2017) and also was named winner of the Best Fiction Short at the Architecture Film Festival London (2017). He is an associate Lecturer on MA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. His films are currently going into the British Film Institute archive.

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La Medina: Notes from the Focus Groups
07:11 min

La Medina: Notes from the Focus Groups

Published on Apr 01, 2019