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Infer Studio
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Inferstudio is a design and media practice that reveals and crafts narratives of human societies through a diverse range of time based media and 3D environments. Focused upon the experience and implications of rapidly shifting technologies and urban environments, their aim is to build worlds that propose and provoke, investigating problems and opportunities on our shared technological, cultural and environmental horizons. There are stories that could, so we believe, reveal hidden casualties, introduce new ideas or challenge existing assumptions. These are the stories Infer Studio seek to operationalise.
The Anthropocene has brought with it an abundance of media artifacts, recordings of our collective fears, ambitions, desires and habits. From these, Infer Studio attempt to infer cultural priorities, trends and inter-dependencies, then build worlds, environments, and scenarios that present our findings and speculations, representing these through time-based media. Inferstudio is a collaboration between Chong Yan Chuah, Bethany Edgoose and Nathan Su.

Their website is: www.inferstudio.com

Clips by Infer Studio

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The Atlas of False Desires
08:16 min

The Atlas of False Desires

Published on Mar 22, 2019