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Greg Lynn FORM
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Greg Lynn is a trailblazer in the field of digital media applied to design and architecture. Lynn's headquartes has been set up in Venice, California, where he founded Greg Lynn FORM in 1994. Since the end of the 1990s Greg Lynn FORM has used digital means of production to create ground-breaking designs. The studio pionereed the use of computers and robots in the design process through which a new vocabulary of architectural forms has been introduced. Greg Lynn's work is supported by a strong theoretical background: thanks to his studies in philosophy, his research is supported by a deep speculative thought. Among the first adopter of CGI software, CNC cutters and other kinds of robots, at the turn of the 1990s Greg Lynn FORM set the trend for digital fabrication: the use of computer and avant-garde materials allowed Lynn to unleash all his wildest phantasies on design. His sources of inspiration ought to be searched in his passion for biology and b-movies rather than in architectural history. Thanks to the digital process used in design, he has been able to work on curved lines and surfaces, breaking with the tradition of rigid straight lines and approaching a kind of biomorphic design. His pieces of work go beyond the modernist industrial exaltation of the standardized modules: this one is replaced by the concept of organ. That means that Lynn radically rethinks the relationship existing between the part and the whole: the idea of an artificial simmetry is replaced by a type/token relationship. The project is the prototype of a series of objects, which are identical and different as each individual is different from the other within the same species. See the "Embryological house" project for example: a given number of set parameters, chosen by the designer, makes it possible to generate a number of elements, in a process that resembles the generation of living beings. For his work and his researches Greg Lynn has received many important awards and prizes among which the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2008) for his project of recycled furniture made out of used plastic toys.

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Embryological House
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Embryological House

Published on Nov 05, 2014