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G8A Architects
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G8A is an architecture, urban planning and interior design company with offices in Geneva, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.
From design principles originally established in Switzerland, and with projects being developed in Asia for over a decade, G8A holds a unique position in contemporary architectural practice. Educated in the West, then learning from the contrasting context of the East, the company has been able to strengthen their designs by not only broadening their scope of knowledge but honing a precise and systematic application of innovative strategies and proposing a new architectural cohesion.
G8A’s projects feature regularly in local and international publications. All of the firm’s senior architects participate actively in professional associations, both in Switzerland and South-East Asia. G8A is also part of the theoretical debate in architecture through its involvement in a number of lectures and teaching endeavors internationally.

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Contrast and Cohesion - Concrete Lace
07:45 min

Contrast and Cohesion - Concrete Lace

Published on Mar 06, 2020