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Fernando Guerra
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Fernando Guerra is a photographer of architecture. Portuguese from Lisbon, his name is often associated with Siza Vieira. Here's why: FG+SG, the studio Fernando Guerra and his brother set up some years ago, holds the largest image archive on Alvaro Siza's works. With his camera, Fernando Guerra has not only contributed to the diffusions of Portuguese architecture in the last 15 years, but he also created a new standard for architecture photography. By virtue of his trained eye (he has an architecture degree) his stunning snapshots have made him appear on the cover of both architecture and photography magazines around the world. If he's not holding a camera you might see him having fun with his iPhone. "Siza sings" is perhaps the only occasion you will ever have to watch a Pritzker Prize laureate humming along "When i'm sixty four" while working. Thanks Fernando, now we know where all those beautiful drawings come from.

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Siza Sings
Duration clock dark 03:14 min

Siza Sings

Published on Nov 03, 2014