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Federico padovani
Federico Padovani
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Federico Padovani is an Italian architect, photographer and video maker. He had classical studies and got an MArch in History and Preservation of the Architectural Heritage at IUAV, Venice. He professionally specialized in the field of photography and video making. Since 2008 he collaborates with Happycentro, a Verona-based studio that deals with graphic design, typography, stop motion animation, tv/web commercials, visual art and music videos and labels. Padovani's visual projects are mostly focused on issues related to architecture and human environments. Among his works, the short documentaries "Cartiera Burgo", "Colonia ENI" and "Manifattura Tabacchi" were part of "The Remnants of A Miracle", a video and photographic installation curated by architecture historian Luka Skansi and exhibited at the Venice Architecture Bienniale 2014 in the Monditalia pavilion. Padovani's three short films explore the magnificent spaces of some of the most representative episodes among the abandoned masterpieces of Italian modern architecture that were built in the period of its highest economic effort, between the 1950's and the 1960's. His photographic researches about built architecture in Italy in the 50s and 60s are also part of the book "La concezione strutturale. Ingegneria e architettura in Italia negli anni Cinquanta e Sessanta" (Turin, 2013) and of an exhibition collateral to the publication.

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The Remnants of a Miracle. Cartiera Burgo.
Duration clock dark 02:29 min

The Remnants of a Miracle. Cartiera Burgo.

Published on Jul 02, 2015