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Dinis & Gustavo
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"We are architects, but we do cinema. We love documentaries, mostly because we are always meeting amazing places and people that inspire us. We collect impressions and stories. Then we write and talk…Last, we shoot and edit everything in order to tell everyone what we were so impressed about. …Sometimes we go backwards. We hear and write, then we shoot and edit everything in order to build a story that allows people to collect an impression."

Dinis Gustavo is a cinematographers platform based in Porto, Portugal. Founded in 2012 by: Gustavo Imigrante, film director, cinematographer and script writer. Dinis Sottomayor, architect, director of photography, photographer.

Their website is:http://dinisegustavo.com

Clips by Dinis & Gustavo

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João’s House
02:31 min

João’s House

Published on May 22, 2019