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Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)
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The Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) investigates the role and impact of architecture in our lives and the world we live in. Architecture is more than just bricks, frameworks and compartments. It is sensual, corporeal and social. It is of political, historic and cognitive relevance. We live in constant interaction with architecture; it lives and changes alongside us and affects all aspects of our existence.
Each year, the festival explores and presents ideas on the relation between the architectural world and human life through a broad public program of talks, films, performances, workshops, seminars and exhibitions in collaboration with various institutions and (inter)national partners.

Additionally to festival activities, CAFx also hosts summer courses exploring the relation of film and space.

Learn more on their Summer School at this link

Clips by Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)

Strips including clips by Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx)