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AUJIK is an art concept initiated in 2001 by the artist Stefan Larsson, who was born in Sweden and lives and works in Ōtsu, Japan.

Since mid 2000’s, the online presence AUJIK has transformed the project into some mysterious nature/tech cult, quietly spreading across video platforms featuring proposed active members and fabricated histories. Its virtual appearances suggested decades-old lineage, inspired to theoretical schematics and outlining a transgressive mission, citing faux reports arguing the life of inanimate matter and modern forms of animism from fictional anthropologists and philosophers.

The group use animated imagery of organic-mechanical hybrids, Japanese forests and cloaked figures, paired with a sonic atmosphere set by Mira Calix, Scottish musician Christ and as well as other electronic artists: “Technology can help nature understand itself,” affirm AUJIK narrators, offering new ideologies reminiscent of Shintoism.
Dividing nature into Refined and Primitive categories, AUJIK expresses the conflict that believes is the root of all chaos in the world: in order to reach a sublime state, AUJIK generates rituals to harmonize the organic and synthetic realms. Their videos mix refined nature (consisting of evolved technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, DNA manipulations, and body enhancements) and the Primitive (that includes fauna, flora, and the Earth itself with its precious stones, minerals, and metals): the pulsating foliage and advanced interfaces that emerge in the biosphere serve as sacred artifacts, visions of a futurist environment.
Through crossbreeds of biotic and technological systems, AUJIK’s animism for the Digital Age presents new possibilities for evolution and strives for Post-Human nirvana.

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Spatial Bodies
04:13 min

Spatial Bodies

Published on Feb 20, 2018