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Aristide antonas
Aristide Antonas
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Aristide Antonas is an architect and writer, currently based in Athens and Berlin. He is the principal of Antonas office (nominee for a Mies Van der Rohe award, 2009 and for a Iakov Chernikov Prize, 2011). Antonas is an active user of social media to represent his work and share his philosophy online. Aside from his architecture work he is also highly recognized for his theatre scripts and videos. "Le Bureau" is a good example of a script containing accurate description of the direction and very few spoken words: "It presents - as the architect says - the space of an office as an idealized, semi magical space where everyday life is promoted to something important." Many of his videos are filmed with a sliding camera shot slowly revealing the scene. Antonas often focuses on the daily life events and depicts them in his movies contrasting them with the architecture. In his video showing a burglary in a jewelry shop he points out how the robbers create a spectacle under the surveillance camera and become actors that try to be invisible but understand that they are watched. Antonas is not attracted by images but rather by what they represent and what order they provide to the construction of space. This is clearly visible in his video: "Agglomeration of Empty Shops". He sees the world as a kind of creation, a collage where architecture is a response to people's behaviors. Antonas's literature is published by Agra Publications (Athens), JRP-Ringier (Zurich) and Crap is Good Press (Berlin). His theoretical texts are mostly published on the Internet. He has been also active as a tutor in Greece (NTUA, Athens and UTH, Volos) and as part of the visiting staff at the Architectural Association, the University of Cyprus, Freie Universität Berlin and the Bartlett UCL.

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The Amphitheater House
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The Amphitheater House

Published on May 04, 2016