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T nia moreira david
Tânia Moreira David
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Tânia Moreira David is a Portuguese artist and filmmaker. She studied Architecture and Fine Arts in Lisbon and Filmmaking in London. After practicing architecture for ten years in Portugal and in the UK, she has been working since 2009 as a filmmaker collaborating with architects, musicians and visual artists all over Europe. Her movies tend to explore the relations between art film and architecture. In 2009 she completed the multi-awarded video "La Petite Maison, an architectural seduction" for Skene Catling de la Pena. This clip synthesizes a lot of her dreamy imagery. Her narrative involves a sensual approach to the spatial experience filtered by the distorted appearance of fancies. In this way architectures appear to be as lively as dreams can be.

Clips by Tânia Moreira David

Strips including clips by Tânia Moreira David

Duration clock dark 10:41 min


Published on May 02, 2017