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The Architecture Player is a place to disclose new architecture stories, through video.

At Image we are fascinated by architecture videos and are constantly in search of compelling, effective, and strong works capable of inspiring new ideas and professional practices. For years, also through the creation of the Beyond Media festival, we have been attentively watching these productions to highlight some important contents developed by the latest generation of architects and creatives.

We are convinced that video is an instrumental tool for increasing the value of design by offering new possibilities for expression, creating new points of view, and multiplying the opportunities for sharing and knowledge.

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We want to share this passion of ours. For this reason we decided to take it one step further. Together with all the authors we have had the pleasure of following in their research, Image decided to make some of the videos selected and collected over the years available to you, presenting you a unique resource where new architecture stories, the Strips, are narrated by special observers and pushed ahead.

We welcome proposals for new video works to join our original review and benefit from its capacity of disseminating new design contents. Architects who make videos or video authors who investigate architecture are invited to join us and submit their new works to our editorial staff. Architecture player is offered as an asset for the growth of architecture and its social role. Keep following us!

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We investigate architecture ideas and discourses that emerge when architects experience video. A wider vocabulary is emerging and we want to add your new words to it.


Architecture pulsates with people. The Architecture Player allows you to expand your visions and lets your work be unveiled for all to see and imagine.


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